First Time Visitors


Visitng a new church can be intimidating, not always knowing what to expect- or what might be exepcted of you.  We hope the information presented here will help ease any anxiety you might have about joining us for services. 


Where is Oak Knoll?


We are located at 1007 Van Atta Avenue in Marion, Ohio.  For those familiar with Marion, Van Atta Ave is approximately 500 yards south of Sawyer Ludwig Park on White Oaks Road.  For a map and/or more detailed information, simply click on the "Contact" tab at the top of our page.


When do I need to arrive?


Our facility is fairly small and easy to navigate.  Arriving 5-10 minutes before the listed start times for most services would be sufficient.  There are entry doors on both the East and West sides of the building.  There are stairs from the main floor up to the sanctuary and down to the classrooms and kitchen/dining areas.  For those that need assistance with stairs, we have a chairlift installed on the west side staircase.  If you anticipate needing the chairlift, please plan to park and enter the church through the West entrance.



How should I dress?


We do not have a "dress code" or any formal expectations at Oak Knoll.  You will find a range of dress from traditional "Sunday Best" to casual denim and a polo. Our goal is for you to feel welcome at Oak Knoll and we're convinced that God is happy to see you regardless of your choice of attire.



Can I bring little ones?


Yes you can.  We offer nursery service for infants and toddlers during both Sunday services, and teaching for kids in kindergarten through Grade 4, during the Sunday morning service.   Please tell the nursery or class leader about your child's allergies or other special situations. We want to do all we can to ensure a safe and secure environment.



Am I expected to participate in the offering?


We believe that tithes, offerings and other giving is a matter that needs to be settled between each believer and God.  Although God's word tells us, that as believers, we have a responsibility to share and give, there is no expectation for you to do anything that you don't feel led to do.

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